ScrumDo Updates Recap (August/September 2015)

A new release went out today with a few basic, but hopefully long-awaited changes mostly centered around quality-of-life type updates.

Links – Before, if you added a link to a card and then came back later and clicked that link the experience was horrible. The card shifted into edit-mode, but at the same time your browser navigated away from your board and to the link, losing your place. Now, links should open in a new window/tab with no side-effects.

Card References – Next, creating card-references is a lot more useful now. As a reminder, if you type in card #10 to the summary, detail, or custom field of your card it will automatically create a link to that card. Before, if you clicked that link, you’d get that horrible user experience mentioned above. But now, if the card is loaded in the context you’re in (such as another card on the board you’re looking at) then the edit-window will open for that card with no page navigation. A lot easier and more useful! If the card isn’t loaded in the context you are in, then a new browser window/tab will open and bring you to that card.

View detail on card – Now, if you single-click a card in the standard card style, the card will expand and display the detail without having to open the card.

card detail

Double Click to Edit – Double click a card to edit it. No need to hunt for that little edit icon.

Magic WIP limit value – If you set a WIP limit of 999, the card or header will only display the count and not the limit. Very useful if you want to see those points or # of cards displayed.

wip 999

Video FAQs – We’ve started producing a series of quick videos to answer common questions and give helpful tips. We’ll be adding more every week.

Highlights of other recent changes

Here are just the highlights of some other changes that have come in over the past month.

Sub Epic searching – You can now search for cards in sub-epics. Use the ‘epics’ keyword in the search box. Example:epics: 5

Value Stream Planning – Create an organization wide board to track high level work and assign it to project teams.

Filter on Multiple Assignees – When building a filter, you can now select more than one person.

Email a Card – Added the Email a Card feature so you can create cards via email.

Reply to Comment – Added ability to reply to an email notification to add a comment. Watch for any email that says You can reply to this email to add a comment to this card. at the bottom.

Release Planning – Added a Release Planning feature to track work across projects.

Dropbox – Added Dropbox integration when attaching files.

Bug Fixing & Performance Improvements – Every release we also have a set of bug fixes and performance tweaks.