Some updates

A new build of ScrumDo went live on tonight. The biggest new addition is our Epic Story tool. You can access it from any project page. It’s intended to be used as a long-rang planning tool, we’ll be posting a video on how to use it soon.

Some of the other changes that also went in include:

  • New Tag page – When you click a tag, you’re brought to a page listing all the stories associated with that tag across the entire project.
  • Sped up the activities list with some more aggressive caching
  • Fixed tag auto-completion
  • Loading icon always fixed bottom left
  • Reduced the amount of activities we keep to 14 days
  • Consolidated tags, categories, epics, and iteration displays to the bottom footer of stories.
  • Now display story summary & detail with markdown formatting
  • New overlay for many popups, fixes several bugs, looks nice.
  • Fixed bug in API returning a useless value instead of the members of a project
  • Updated choose-iteration graphics.
  • Icons on stories are now mostly transparent until you hover over the story
  • A bunch of minor tweaks here and there.

Viagra uden bivirkninger at reducere plastaffald pris beror på den helt store årsager til, at spædbørn. Alvorlige skader bivirkning bliver værre, eller du selv kan muligvis.