Tasks on your Board

Today, we’ve released a new way to view your Scrum/Kanban Board by seeing the tasks as well as the stories.

Time Boxed Projects

If you have a time boxed project, first select the gear icon on your scrum board to open the config window, and select the “Task Board” option.


After doing this, you will notice that your “Doing” column is a lot wider than it used to be.


Any story you move into that Doing column will have a full sub-table of all the tasks within it that you can drag into columns and visually track the progress. The columns that appear will be the task statuses you set up in your Project Admin page.


Continuous Flow Projects

First, go into the board editor by clicking the gear icon above the board. Then select a cell. On the left, you’ll be able to set some options for that cell. Use the Story Style dropdown and select the Tasks view.

Note: Make sure your cell is big enough to fit all of your task columns, or the layout gets very funky very quickly.


Why not sooner?

Since we released our original Scrum Board way back in 2011 we’ve had a small but steady stream of people asking to view their tasks on the board in addition to their stories. Due to some unfortunate early design decisions, that was hard for us to do and other priorities always kept us from developing it. A flash of insight hit us last month on a simpler way to implement this feature. That combined with a rather scathing rant from a customer last week (you know who you are!) kicked us in-gear to implement this.

We have some future plans to improve this feature, like making this option available in the custom configuration of scrum boards. But for now, we wanted to get this version released to all of our users. Let us know what you think by sending us an email support@scrumdo.com